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Love Yourself With Lolo Beads

We get it—feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is everything. That's why we're all about providing you with high quality beads. So, slay them beads and show off your one of a kind beauty!

From the Lolo Tribe
From the Lolo Tribe
I love these beads. I got them go vacation and I got so many compliments.
— Kari D.
From the Lolo Tribe
Amazing quality they didn't break like some of the other ones I've gotten.
— Jollie B.
From the Lolo Tribe
These waist beads helped me on my weight journey. I love it.
— Florence A.
From the Lolo Tribe
Baabbyyy, these waist beads are a game-changer! I can't help but feel fabulous when I wear them. They are easy to put on and give me that extra confidence boost. Two thumbs up!"
— Tanya I.
From the Lolo Tribe
Feeling the beads shift as my body moves brings a whole new appreciation for my curves, sensuality and femininity. I wasn't expecting to feel this rooted and present. Thank you a million times for your art! I could not recommend this product or company more!
— Mira
An unexpected connection to my body
lolo beads


Our mission is to provide waist beads that make you feel your best, allowing you to embrace your true self every day.

Don't conform to the world. Be yourself with Lolo Beads. Embrace all your quirks and the things you love, and show off your own style.

Waist Beads as a Motivational Tool for Weight Loss

Say goodbye to stressful methods and discover the liberating journey towards a healthier you. Experience the ease and simplicity of African waist beads as a stress-free tool for weight loss. Join countless women who have found newfound freedom and confidence through this empowering approach ....